IMPORTANT: This tutorial assumes you are using a cPanel hosting package under Linux

How do I connect to my database from Dreamweaver? We’re going under the assumption that you have already set up a MySQL database on your server.


Go to and get your IP address.  Then, under REMOTE MYSQL add your IP address so that the server will allow remote MySQL connections from your IP address.


When you set up your site in Dreamweaver make sure these are your settings:

Local info
Site Name: Whatever you like
Local Root Folder: Navigate to where you keep your files for the site on your home computer
HTTP Address:

Remote info
Access: FTP
FTP Host:
Host Directory: public_html/ (or public_html/subfolder/ for addon domains)
login: cpanel username
password: cpanel password
Check the box for “use passive FTP”
Do NOT check the box for “use firewall” (very important!)
As far as check in/check out, unless you have some specific reason to do so, do not check any of these boxes.

If you hit “test” after you set up these settings, you should be able to connect.

Testing Server
Server Model: PHP/MySQL
All other settings should be the same as in the Remote Info, except for URL Prefix:

Database Connection
Now create a PHP page by clicking on New, Dynamic Page, PHP or open an existing PHP page.
Open the Applications panel.
The first three of four steps should have check marks next to them.
For step four, click the “+” button, and select MySQL connection from the drop-down list.

Connection name: whatever you would like to name it – it doesn’t matter.
MySQL Server: localhost
Username: cpanel username
Password: cpanel password
Database: click “select” and in a few seconds (depending on your connection speed) you should get a list of available databases you can connect to.